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Legacy: Aarhus, Capital of Culture 2017

Aarhus had the honor of being the European Capital of Culture in 2017. The entire Region Midt along with the rest of the country invested incredibly much in making it the success it was by collaborating on and creating new projects and partnerships across different industries and cultural arenas.

In order to carry on the legacy from Aarhus, European Capital of Culture 2017 we have decided to build on its foundational values Sustainability, democracy and diversity. We want to continue the work from last year and celebrate the downfall of silos and narrow thinking.

Continuing our past work

Several projects that were started in 2017 are now combined in this.nordic.

Filmby Aarhus and M2 Group were both involved in the huge project Aarhus Stories.

Filmby Aarhus also launched the new brand this through various collaborations. Among them a conference and happening at the South Harbor in Aarhus.

Culture Works and Aarson teamed up with Alice Holmberg (of That Something) to create the large Creativity World Forum 2017 conference in Aarhus.

All these projects and others before them have led up to the creation of this.nordic in a partnership between Filmby Aarhus, M2 Group, Culture Works and Aarson.