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10.00 am


Why Attend?

– Get to experience an exciting crossfire debate between Kristian Riis (Musician and entrepeneur of “Nordic LA”), Erlend Høyersten (Director, ARoS), and Signe Lopdrup (Program Director, Roskilde Festival) – all of it hosted and anchored by Mette Bock.

– Get insight into the origins and ingredients of the special Danish “culture DNA”

– Get inspired by the panellist’s visions and predictions for the future of Nordic culture.

NB.: This session is in Danish

More Info

Mette Bock is Minister for Culture and Minister for Ecclesiastical Affairs. In July 2015 she became member of the Presidium of the Danish Parliament. Mette Bock is a Graduate and M.A. in philosophy and MSc in political science. Bock has held a number of professional senior positions and board positions throughout her career; she has been the Director of The Danish Muscular Dystrophy Foundation (Muskelsvindfonden), Chief Editor and CEO of the newspaper JyskeVestkysten, Pro-Rector of Aarhus University and Program Director at the Danish Broadcasting Corporation. Furthermore she has been chairman of the Grundtvig Center and the Danish Border Association (Grænseforeningen).

Facebook Live debate hosted by Mette Bock

At this. Mette Bock will host and anchor a Facebook Live debate on cultural growth and entrepreneurship in the Nordic region – music, events, festivals, design, architecture and art – and how the special Danish “culture DNA” has become an international commercial export success. With input from three prominent panelists – musician and entrepreneur of “Nordic LA”, Kristian Riis, Director of Aarhus art museum ARoS, Erlend Høyersten, and Roskilde Festivals program director Signe Lopdrup, the Minister will investigate the origins and ingredients of this culture DNA, and what it takes from artists, culture workers and politicians to strengthen this DNA further. Is the world fed up by the Nordic cuisine, white minimalism and dark crime stories? What is on the Nordic culture plate these days?