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4.35 pm


Why Attend?

– Get the story of how a ‘drunk idea’ ended up being exhibited in galleries and catching the attention of the global press.

– Get unique insight into the mind of an illustrator-rapper-provocateur-comedian-artist… Oh, we forgot dominatrix.

– Get offended, get inspired, get entertained – and get to know some curse words you’ve never heard before!

More Info:

Mr. Bingo might not be a real name, but he is certainly a real treat. He is renowned for his “Hate Mail” project on Twitter, where strangers pay him to send a hand-illustrated offensive post card to a name and address of their choosing. He has run the project more than a dozen times, and each time it sold out within minutes. The project became so popular that Penguin Books in 2012 published a collection of the post cards entitled “Hate Mail”.

In 2015, Mr. Bingo continued his antics by setting Kickstarter ablaze. His campaign to fund a high-end art book of his Hate Mail illustrations was launched with a rap video featuring an original song that was so amazing that the campaign was fully funded within 9 hours and ended up being the most successful Kickstarter for a book in the UK ever. It wasn’t all good news for Mr. Bingo though. He tried to sell one year of his friendship as one of the Kickstarter rewards, but no one bought it.

Do the work that you want to do, don’t follow the trends