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1.35 pm


Why Attend?

– Get the insider look at how Vox Media is changing the game for online journalism, entertainment and branding.

– Get inspired to rethink how you should package your online content.

– Get an understanding of what exactly it takes to find not just the audience you want, but the audience you need!

More Info:

During his more than 10 years at the forefront of digital media, Patrick Bulger has created some of the media world’s fastest growing video brands. He now serves as the head of editorial video at Vox Media, a prestigious modern media company that believes in the power of going deeper to connect with global, passionate, curious audiences. Through their house of global brands, they are shaping the future of journalism and entertainment.

Patrick leads the video teams behind Vox, The Verge, Eater, SB Nation, Racked, Recode, Curbed and Polygon which net more than 500 million minutes of viewing time a month and have more than 200 million global users.

How to get old-fashioned word-of-mouth in a digital world?

When you distribute a video every decision you make, from the headline on down to the platform, makes a promise to the audience about what your content is going to be. This talk will focus on audience expectations, how creators can best package their content to satisfy those expectations, and how that results in true brand awareness.