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4.05 pm


Why Attend?

– Get to learn more about “the coolest fanbase on Earth” – the “SKAM” fandom.

– Get unique insight into how “SKAM” might teach us a thing or two about the future of interaction between online dramas and audiences.

– Get a fresh perspective on why “SKAM” and so many other Nordic series are popular in other countries.

More Info:

Vilde Schanke Sundet (PhD) is a researcher in film and television studies at the Inland Norway University and a guest researcher at the Institute for Sociale Research (Oslo). She studies digital production cultures and changing audience relations in the television industry. She will be sharing with us her case studies of SKAM (NRK), Lilyhammer (NRK), and Oljebarna (VGTV). Vilde has written several book chapters and peer-reviewed articles, and is currently writing a book on television drama in the age of streaming.

A place to be, a thing to do: Online teen drama and fan culture

Vilde will focus on the tension between the online dramas, such as “SKAM”, and viewers and how these series actively engage with their audience and invite play, debate and reflection in new and creative ways. With “SKAM” being only one of the most recent examples of a Nordic series making big waves worldwide, Vilde will also discuss Nordic values as an international export: Why are people in Brazil and Russia watching these series – and what is the future of this trend?